The LIFE System is a Quantum Biofeedback device that detects stress and

helps to bring the body back into healthy resonance, activating innate healing.

Leaders in the field of Quantum Biofeedback training and devices, we have been empowering individuals and businesses since 2001 as original brokers of The LIFE System.

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This live demonstration allows you to experience The LIFE System in real-time, ask questions and speak directly with one of our Lotus LIFE System Master Practitioners.

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Personal & Family Health

Bring more wellness into your life with a tool that works!

The Lotus LIFE System is great for self-care, your family, and your pets.

For Your Wellness Practice

We have been empowering quantum biofeedback practitioners across the world with The LIFE System.

Do you want to take your wellness practice to the next level?

Start Your LIFE Career

Our mission is to help people across the globe by training Lotus LIFE System Practitioners.

Ready to help people on their healing journeys with a profession that you’ll love?

The LIFE System contains everything you need to begin your healing journey, including user-friendly Quantum Biofeedback software and interface, customized one-on-one training, unique, curated resources, and unparalleled customer support from us at Lotus LIFE System.


Allan Schulte, PHD

Founder, Energetic Healing Visionary

Marcia Schulte

Director of Marketing + Communications

Evan Schulte

Master Practitioner + Director of Training

Wendy Nethersole

Distance Healing Coordinator

Cynthia Deck

Master Practitioner + Director of Sales

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