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Representing The LIFE System since 2003

Our Team

Pioneering the art of stress reduction, we have been leaders in the field of biofeedback and bioresonance for over two decades.

  • We are original brokers of The LIFE System and continue to be proud to represent the Best Biofeedback Device available, helping people around the world heal emotionally, physically and spiritually by relieving stress so the body can heal naturally.

  • We help healthcare practitioners add The LIFE system to their practices or to start new careers with their own biofeedback businesses.

  • It is our intention that all our healing work is done in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.


Lotus LIFE System practitioners share explanations of how it works and why we know it’s the best biofeedback device on the planet. This live demonstration offers real-time interaction and the opportunity to have your questions answered by a Master Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner.

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